Feb 05 2012

Shaman King Zero Chapter 4 Discussion

It feels like it’s been a while since I posted one of these… I guess January just got away from me. Oh well. Here it is! Jump into the discussion to see what’s happening in this new chapter!

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[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice]

Added on 2/6:

Actually… nothing to report yet. But the website should be updated tomorrow. So we should have a cover and who the story will be about. I think it’s either Lyserg or Chocolove. Dit’s betting on Hao. I’m not convinced. I think it’s either going to one of the two, and also include a side-story with Manta too.

Added on 2/9:

And here it’s confirmed… Lyserg is next up! Also they have announced a new character for Shaman King Flowers! It’s the Manta-replacement! Hurray! I guess. It’s a pretty generic drawing so yeah. Here’s some images from the site:

Also they announced that next issue will be the last Shaman King Zero chapter. Gasp! Will it be Chocolove!? Will be someone else!? Find out next month. Then Shaman King Flowers starts the month after that! It’ll be closer than you think!

But looking at that Lyserg image… something felt off… I think I captured it in the following image….

Seriously, Lyserg… either you are being eaten by a Metroid or you are an alien. *alien photoshop pending


Added on 2/6:

Still no info about the next chapter, but! … there was an ad in today’s Shonen Jump magazine.
Actually nothing really important, but it says “The story of this popular character will make you cry. The hint is: flames
So now I’m betting on Hao even more haha (But it could also be Lyserg!! Or maybe any other random character, let’s not forget Takei is a troll)

The ad also says “40+pages” which I think means it’s longer than 40 pages, but not 44 like the other ones? Uh… well, we’ll see!

Added on 2/7

I got news!! ;D Not about the oneshot, but still…
Jump Kai has just tweeted that next to this oneshot’s title page (in color) there’s a whole page with more info about Flowers!!
We’ll finally know what the story will be about, so yay! 🙂

Added on 2/9

Jump Kai has just said that they’ll update http://jumpx.jp/w/mankin/special.html tomorrow with the cover, characters and other info… but tomorrow’s the release date already. WHAT’S THE POINT LOL

Added on 2/10

Got it, read it! And this chapter is actually a Lyserg + Hao 😀
I really enjoyed it, which is good, since I don’t actually like Lyserg.

Little summary with spoilers and some pics:

[spoiler]So the story starts in 1992, when Lyserg finds the pendulum and Hao kills his parents. So yeah, the first 4 pages are just a newer version of Lyserg’s old flashback. Nothing new here besides a lot of cuteness.

Time leap to 1995. Since Lyserg’s grandfather had died as well he moved to an orphanage/dormitory, where we meet his roommate Wat Hudson, a cute boy who likes to make tea. The owner’s a rich man called Oknox, who looks like Mr. Potato and Forever Alone together…

Lyserg trusts Wat to the point of telling him everything about Hao, his parent’s death, the Shaman Fight and also about his shamanic powers. When he says he needs money for the SF Wat suggests turning their room into a detective agency and using his dowsing to solve cases. Then they ask Oknox for permission and he says it’s a great idea, so they start getting things ready. Wat goes to buy some things and Lyserg waits for him in their room… but when he finally comes back, he’s a ghost. Lyserg asks him what’s going on, but all Wat says is “run away or they’ll kill you too”

Right in that moment the murderer comes into their room, carrying Wat’s body… none other than Mr. Oknox!! Uh, I feel like it had been a while since Takei drew some gore for the last time. But why? Well, it seems that on his spare time he’s a child trader… oh well. Wat had always knew it, so Oknox kills him just in case (and also to find out whether Lyserg has shamanic powers like his father or not) then he calls the mafia and Lyserg fights with them to avenge his roommate.

When he’s about to shoot Oknox dead Wat tell his to stop. Then a flashback tells us that he had a crappy life until Oknox adopted him, so after all he didn’t want his “savior” to die. While they’re talking, Oknox grabs a gun and shoots Lyserg in the belly. Some months later, he’s still in bed because of the bullet injury. It seems that Oknox and the mafia guys were found carbonized the day after he was taken to the hospital, but nobody knew what had happened… but Lyserg, who knows exactly where that star-patterned piece of clothing came from!



Added on 2/9
Cover is already out. It ain’t Mankin. I already ordered our copy, so yeah. Whatever. Still pissed about Ren’s Zero Chapter.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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  1. Yay!! I’m soo excited!!(>v<) I can't wait!!

    @Dit-san.. I sent you a message in your email, when you have sometime can you check it?

  2. “And also include a side-story with Manta too.”

    Awwwww Manta ;A; I’m so glad he’s going to have a corner ♥

    1. Well… it’s just my theory…. but who knows!

  3. WOW I totally hate waiting <3 PLEASE new chapter, please!

  4. “The story of this popular character will make you cry. The hint is: flames”
    It’s got to be Lyserg. Hao burnt the house down too. So it’s the win-win for both of us!

    Maybe Takei will make us all happy for once?

    1. Who knows! haha
      I’m really looking forward to know the main character 😀

    2. Me too!! (>v<) But I guess it's Lyserg.. 😛

  5. Are you guys hosting RAWs?

    1. Nope, and never will. But Dit’s summeries are really good, so look forward to those!

      1. Hey did you guys do a summary for shaman king zero chapter 2? Ren’s chapter? I dunno if I just missed it or something.

        1. Actually no… since there wasn’t much to summarize and I was pretty busy when it came out 🙁

          1. Hey don’t be sorry at all. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing it or something.

  6. Guys? What do you think about Tamao? (

    I mean, if I remember well, in one of those remix tracks there was a scene with Silva talking about a one shot 40+pages long talking about her story… So I assumed he was referring to these one shots.
    But, I feel like this next one is going to be either Hao or Lyserg. and if that’s the case the nextnext one should be Chocolove?
    I don’t feel like Tamao is going to be featuring one.
    What do you think? I have to admit I’m curious about her dark story while she was raising Hana ~

    Sorry the bad spelling/english/etc etc. take care : )

    1. I think Tamao will play a larger part in Flowers, but I don’t think Takei will give her a oneshot right now. Save up that mystery for deeper into the Flowers plotline.

  7. it´s definitely lyserg, we only know that after his parents were killed he went to live with his grandfather and no more. Hao has mappa douji as a zero,, so it´s not him.

  8. Well, everyone here thinks the next’s oneshot main character will be Hao or Lyserg but, by the proof (“The hint is: flames”), I think it’s Lyserg, ’cause if Hao were the main character the world would be awesome, and Takei is a troll guys, so its Lyserg.

    Its like the past month when Anna was in the front and was Horo the main character.

    I hate Lyserg.

  9. GUYS!! It IS Lyserg!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alien HAHAHAH
    its funny ’cause he’s green like an alien (and nasty too ò.ó)

  11. yay i also thought a new dictnary kid would be necessary 😀 but i had a whole imagein my head of a girl with supercomputer skills and could hack the oyomada compagny… yeah i got a little too excited ^^’

    i’m happy that it’s lyserg i don’t know why 🙂 he’s dressed in kinda look-alike none outfit and carries a cross, could the story involve a part on his religious beliefs ? getting excited again…

    meril inugami, you think lyserg is nasty? XD why? … well i guess i could see why but i think he’s a really nice guy, and morever he’s the justice one , his struggle with hao and the x-laws just makes me trust him. does it even make sense? idk he seems so innocent ^^

    if it’s not the right place to ask this question just don’t answer, but did you find people to help you for translations and such?

  12. What a cute little friend Lyserg had 🙂
    I’m disappointed that Men wasn’t in the ad page for Flowers, tho.. D’8>
    & since its evident by now that zero stories have been about the 5 warriors, I guess Chocolove is next? :3
    ALSO, Luchist, Damuko, & one guy from Jumbor made cameos

    1. lol I liked Hana’s headphones. But I felt like Hana wasn’t drawn by takei ~ Oh well.
      And yesh, no Men : (

      And I think the same! next one should be Chocolove.

  13. Do you know how the cross is connected to Lyserg? I have no idea @.@

  14. @Dit gracias por el resumen 😀

    I loved the way Takei makes this chapter, it´s so cool and surprisingly Lyserg doesn’t looks like a girl :O

  15. I don’t like Lyserg but i really wanna read this chapter ♥

  16. Couldn’t avoid the spoiler!!!Since I love Lyserg, I feel like I must knew!

    I think Takei, as always, surprised everyone with this!

    Hope you guys continue in mankin-trad to bring us this amaizing Zero chapters!!


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