Apr 19 2012

SK Flowers (2012) Chapter 1 & “Hana’s Epoch” Discussion

Check back often and a summery of the updates are now listed below! If it’s at the top of the home page, that means there are new updates!

Latest Updates:

4/11 (Jezzy): Says useless things.

4/11 (Dit): summary of the chapter added

4/6 (Dit): Pages and a little summary + Flowers/SKZ commercial video

4/5 (andysislands): First 12 pages of the manga in Japanese online for free! (link inside)

4/2 (Dit) : Jump Kai commercial video!

4/1 (andysislands): The covers for both Jump Kai and Jump Kai+! (HQ pics included!)

3/30 (Dit) : Huge Banner ads for Flowers on the side of a building! (Pics included!)


A ton of information just came out. I’m splitting it between both the Zero chapter and Flowers. So be sure to check out each post! This post will probably jump around alot, and come back to the top of the main page. Check back often, there will be new information!

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[notice]Spoilers begin now![/notice]

Added on 3/4:

A huge update today for Shaman King Zero and Flowers update today. You can follow along by going here: http://jumpx.jp/w/mankin/special.html . There is a HUGE update to the cast list so let’s start with the “easy” stuff. All of these images were already released with the Zero chapter 4 and in various other ads:

There are only 2 names that are released. That’s “Hana Asakura” and the new “Anna” character. However, there is some confusion on what her name actually is! So taking a look at the image face value, you see that it says “Anna.” However digging deeper into the tooltip for the image you will find… “Itako no annna the 3rd 三代目イタコのアンナ” Notice how there is 3 “n” in here name! It’s probably a special spelling Takei will be using for “Annna” when writing her name in English. It’s not the same as the Japanese either. But in the plot summery for her, she is listed as Silva’s daughter (from the Patch tribe) and will be Anna’s first disciple. The other two “unknowns” have the generic text of “優しそうな少年” and “妖しい眼差しの女の子”. Neither of which really say anything.

Moving down the page… we see the new “Ren” character. (OMFG STOP CALLING HIM THIS! ~Jezzy) He is classified as “Another one of the Asakura’s” (彼はもう一つの麻倉). Clearly labeled as the villain of the new story… but he’s using one of Hao’s symbols as an eyepatch!? I think we know who he is following… We’ll probably get a better image of him in the fifth Zero chapter.

The story is still a little rough, but it appears that this “Another one of the Asakura’s” appears before Hana who is preparing for the next Shaman Fight in 2500.

Finally at the bottom we get a spread of the characters that will be in at least the first new chapter of Shaman King Flowers.They are Tamao, Manta, Ryu, and Horohoro! So we shall see where this goes. But, we might not see these characters for a while since the characters in this section might not always appear in the chapter.

Also from ComicSoul’s post… here’s a better shot of the female “Unknown” with a better look at her spirit:

And ComicSoul also caught this interesting thing… an ad where it calls it  “Shaman King 2 Flowers” (シャーマンキング2FLOWERS). That’s interesting… We’ll see if that’s the case or not soon…


Update 3/24:

It looks like there will be some ads on some trains in Japan starting very soon. And there are two different pieces of artwork! (also 87 Clockers) Preview image below (click to enlarge):


Update 4/1:

This is no April Fools joke, here’s the covers for the Jump Kai issue! On the left is the actual cover for Jump X (click to enlarge!). Personally, I think it was a good choice to go with that cover. Maybe a little less text, but still looks good (Hao was better though). Then there is a full book insert for JumpX+ (Or Jump Kai Plus). This will contain the “Shaman King Flowers Zero Story.” Now there are 2 things that help point us to what that actually is. It’s very, very likely the original “Shaman King Flowers Hana’s Epoch Chapter 1” from the Shaman King Mentalite book. Firstly, the logo is the exact same as it was when that was published, which was different than the current Flowers logo (which doesn’t have the Hana’s Epoch subtitle). Secondly, it is 45 pages. The original Shaman King Flowers Hana’s Epoch chapter? That was 45 pages. Also that was still using the “old” Shaman King logo, which hasn’t been used in a while. Kinda nice to see it again, but it might be the last. Also over at Comicsoul they have a couple other pics of ads… which shows off Anna/Annna a bit more. She almost looks too nice. Like Tamao nice rather than true “Anna style.”













Updated 4/5: From our commenter manga-news: You can go here to read the first 12 pages of Shaman King Flowers right now! And this is 100% legit. You will see a blue button in the middle of the page, (right next to the first page). Click that and it will prompt you to download the reading program (It’s the big green button on that page. Don’t worry, it’s safe). After installing and restarting your web browser, you can read them (if you know Japanese)!!

Now for some thoughts about…

[wpspoiler name=”Spoilers – initial thoughts on the first 12 pages” ]Well, I didn’t think Takei would start again from Chapter 1 of Shaman King, but it just seems sort of fitting. This may follow the “standard Takei opening” yet again. The 12 pages go by very quickly with all of the double spreads. But he did bring out his best for the art. That alone is a nice plus for this chapter. And that color spread…. so nice! The new logo… eh… but the color spread makes up for it! Also, strangely no Manta-like character. But that’s ok too. Are you still pumped to read the rest? I kinda am, since I think this “copying the first chapter” will only last another page or two. Then it’s 30 more pages of new content. All of it coming in a few days![/wpspoiler]

Also, just as a notice. We keep things on the up-and-up here. So there will be no links to the un-official raws or scanlations (in any language). This is one of those exceptions where it’s actually suppose to be seen for free, and not region-blocked!

 Update 3/19:

I’ll be providing my thoughts on the chapter next week. I’ve got alot of other things to do until then. But I think I have a different outlook on this chapter than other people. Might give break it out into it’s own news post.


Coming Soon? Dit’s travelling, so… who knows about this.

Added on 03/10

Here’s a little translation of the news… Sorry for the waiting!

I must admit that this whole “new Asakura” thing scares the hell out of me. If he turns out to be Hao’s secret son or something I’ll look for Takei and punch him on the face 😀

Hana: The son of Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama, the main character and the heroine of “Shaman King.” Due to financial difficulties at his home, Funbari Onsen, he is burdened with the crushing pressure of rebuilding the business. At his 13s he worries about how society and himself are doing. He is known to have shamanic skills that surpass by far those of his father Yoh, but since the next S.F. will take place in the year 2500 he feels like he doesn’t know what to do with his powers.

Anna: A mysterious girl that appears before Hana. According to the official character book “Mentalité” she is Silva’s daughter and Anna the 1st’s best disciple, but…

Secret character 1: A kind-looking boy.

Secret character 2: A girl with suspicious eyes.

Secret character 3: According to mr. Takei “he is another Asakura” with wicked skills that may even overwhelm those of the main character… There’s no doubt that he will be Hana’s first “enemy.”

The summary, preview and etc. tomorrow, so look forward to it! ^^

Added on 03/11

Plot summary.

Finally, the new “Mankin” awakens!!!!
The story takes place in Funbari ga Oka (Nishitokyo city, Tokyo prefecture) 14 years after the Shaman Fight that held so many epic battles. Hana Asakura, who is now 13 years old, grew up protected by Ryu, Horohoro, Amidamaru and other people including the rest of legendary warriors. He leads a life in which he can’t make use of his explosive talent and therefore feels down about it… but then a boy said to be “another Asakura” with a “wicked” power appears before him!!!? Not only the distinguished Asakura family, but the whole world will get involved in this splendid story that is about to start!!!

“Don’t miss the manga that will overturn the former “Mankin World” you all know with its new story, outstanding characters and features!!!” (Inakichi, supervisor)

Also, from the Flowers ad in Shaman King Zero 5:

Yoh Junior’s (lol at this) adventure will be an action drama about self improvement!!
– The first chapter of Flowers will be released on 4/10 just as planed.
– A mini extra magazine will be included in the next issue of Jump Kai… with a 45-page-long “Flowers Zero Story”!!!
– Next month’s Jump Kai will have a Flowers cover and also one or more color pages ^^

So does this mean we’re having 80~90 pages of Flowers next month? Sounds like it! :O

Added on 03/27

Well, nothing new’s said here… but there’s a pretty nice pic of the bad guy and his spirit.
And hey, now we know that he fights using an umbrella! 😀

I wonder what’s wrong with his left arm lol
Oh and this is from Hao/Choco’s issue of Jump Kai.

Added on 03/30

So a gigant Flowers ad have been placed in one of Shibuya’s main buildings, the Q-FRONT – Tsutaya store. The quality of these photos isn’t that great, so I’ll probably go there on Monday to take some nice pictures and post them here.

This must have cost them A LOT of money! So I think they’re confident Flowers will sell well.








Added on 04/2

Short commercial video featuring SKF. Starts at 1:36!


Added on 04/06

It seems that people are having problems using the online reader, so here are the pages with a short explanation of what’s going on. As Andy has said, the only reason we’re posting these raws is because they’re official. So this is an exception!

[spoiler]I have to admit that the first three pages are pretty badass. Nice colors indeed.








I see what you did here, Takei. Go check SK chapter 1 to find out what’s so funny.








Delinquents! Hana’s pissed because all these guys are crazy enough to challenge him to a battle.

This young version of Dr. Docult and his gang want to steal the tile of “Funbari’s strongest” away from Hana, but since he’s a strong shaman and they’re just humans they have nothing to do against him! Also this guy calls himself “Ryu of the wooden sword the second” haha funny, but Takei don’t you dare turn him into one of the good guys.[/spoiler]

The commercial video you can watch it HERE
It’s both Shaman King Zero and Flowers, and the voice is non other than Megumi Hayashibara! ^^

Don’t forget to post your thoughts~

Added on 04/11

As I already said, this is a pretty badass first chapter!! It really is much better than what I was expecting, since usually first chapters are never as good as the following ones. Another thing I liked is that this is kind of a different Flowers, I don’t know why, but it feels different (more like Mankin). Hana’s still impulsive and all that, but he doesn’t act as spoiled as in the oneshot. He’s less emo too… which I appreciate! Before reading it I was a bit scared about the plot, but with such a touching first chapter I’m really looking forward to the next ones!! And I hope you do too ^^



Hana’s feeling down because his life is dull and, you know, too normal for someone with amazing powers like him. As you saw in the preview a bunch of thugs challenge Hana to a fight, since he’s said to be the strongest boy in the city. Their leader calls himself Ryu the 2nd, but he’s not even half as cool as the original Ryu! Kick his ass, Hana!

Of course, after he gets home he’s scoled by Tamao, who reminds him he’d be in trouble if someone found out he’s a shaman. To avoid this from happening, she bans him from using ghosts and spirits. Then he goes to his room, where he has a little conversation about shamans and the Shaman Fight with Amidamaru. He compares Hana’s life with young Yoh’s, since he realizes they’re almost opposite.

Later that night, Amidamaru and Tokageroh go drinking sake in an Oden stand near the inn (Yay! It’s been like forever since they last had so many lines!) After a while Tamao and Ryu join them. The owner seems to like Tamao (he kind of has a crush?) so Ryu being there as well bothers him. They order something to drink and eat and then Tamao says she can feel a mysterious presence in Funbari.

And what’s the weird presence, you say? Well, of course it’s the two new characters! Their names are Luka & Yohane and their last name is Asakura, but they belong to the branch family. For some reason we don’t know yet they want to get revenge, and since they claim to have purer blood and more strength than the heir to the main family… well, Hana is their main target. It may sound confusing, but if you know Neji and Hinata from Naruto then I’m sure you’ll understand a bit better what this is all about!

So, they start their revenge by breaking Amidamaru’s grave, which really pisses Hana off when he finds out. He thinks maybe the thugs did it after he beat them up, but then a smiling Yohane shows up asking for directions and looking all nice. Of course Hana’s rude at him because he’s upset, so Yohane introduces himself as a shaman and challenges him. Hana freaks out at first, but then he gets all excited about finally having someone he can fight with on equal terms. (His eye patch just changed places lololol TAKEI)

But we don’t get to see the actual battle, because the scene changes to the inn, where Ponchi and Chonchi are telling Tamao someone wants to kill Hana. And then… cliffhanger!


And that’s pretty much it. We want to release this as soon as possible, so stay alert!


The only thought I have about this chapter is as flowers follows:

 looks like  and 



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  1. If her name turns out to be Annna that’d be extremely silly, even for Takei.
    I don’t really like her outfit tho. The dress is ok but those boots… I just really hate white long boots.

    Anyways, I’m really excited about Flowers, at the begging I was a little scared I may hate it but the more I read about it the more excited I get, I’m sure it’s going to be hella funny and the character development is going to blow our brains.
    Also I hope Takei would just explain to us what the hell where Anna and Yoh doing all those years they went away because I’m just picturing them selling bracelets at the beach, organizing tree-huggers reunions all over the world to spread the love and trying to get people to sign sheets so construction companies stop destroying nature. ALSO, DOES HANA KNOW ANNA IS HIS REAL MOM? BECAUSE THIS WHOLE TAMAO-MOTHER SITUATION IS DISTURBING ME.

    1. Please don’t use the term retarded. Thanks.

  2. Well… If she’s Annna that would be Silver’s fault 😉 jejeje. Now, seriously, I think that 3n thig is interesting, since first Ana was the one in Butsu Zone I belive [please, correct me] Any way, I like her, she has the Anna attitude that’s clear enough.

    About this “another Asakura” seems to me like he could be the twin of this otrer new boy character. Still, personally I have a big concern over all this, just hope that Takei-sensei knows what he is doing and won’t be like Shaman King all over again or something like that.

    On a finall matter, how is that Hanna is training for a Shaman Fight that will be like… in 400 years?

    [sorry for the redaction, I’ve lost my glasses u.u]

    1. Oh. Maybe he is trainning because he has to be strong to leave strong heirs? (whut hahaha one never knows)

      I don’t really like this Annna thing… three N sounds a bit too odd!
      And I’m curious about this another Asakura’s hahaha

      Also, hoping Flowers 2 will tell us where Opacho is. She must be grown-up now, no? That is, if she was brought back to life.

  3. Opacho went with horohoro after the S.F.

    1. Really!?
      Where do we know this from?

  4. shaman king kang zeng bang last volume 27 extras
    [Shaman file] 352 Usui Horokeu
    says: that horohoro took Opacho with him after the S.F

  5. but I am not sure about my Translation
    the extra says either: he took her with him or he listened to her wish and I don’t what is that wish

  6. Ummm…guys… sorry to say this, but I’m a little confused about the whole ‘Annna’ thing. I mean, I keep looking at the kana and keep reading ‘Anna’….. where’s the third ‘n’ everyone’s talking about? o.O

    1. I agree. Since they started talking about this 3th N, I never could see it. In my page it’s says “Anna” too, so…

    2. You have to look at the source code for the page. On some web browsers it may also show the tooltip (yellow box when you hover over an image). In that box it will also say “annna”.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s an unintentional mispell, andy. Because it only appears once like that. And we know that English, being a non-native language, is prone to mistakes.
        All other spellings of the character say “anna,” including file name of her image itself. And in Japanese, her name is spelled the same way as Anna Kyoyama 恐山アンナ.

  7. hmm it seem “new manta” is look similar with “other asakura”.

    what chance that they are like twin or alternate personality

  8. “Another one of the Asakura’s” .. appears before Hana who is preparing for the next Shaman Fight in 2500 .. is it possible he’s Hao’s son???

  9. twins again?
    so one has blue eyes and glasses and the other has green eyes and an eye patch… maybe they are just brothers since real twins would have the same eye color (wouldn’t they?) or maybe “new manta” is occasionaly being possessed…… by hao! and so his eyes change color! … nah hao has dark eyes.
    i feel like those two twins are going to have more importance than hanna… i don’t like that idea. Green eyes has hao’s symbol but he strongly makes me think of ren, maybe it’ll be the same scenario? like in the begining shaman king plots where yoh touches people’s heart and then they are happy again

    i don’t like this unknown girl with the uniform and the star on her chest… she scare me.

    @ali19920 Opacho’s wish is to be a star and to stay forever by hao’s side, would this help in the translation?

    @cm21 i always wondered about hao’s son(s)/daughter(s) , he just doesn’t seem to have any , but that would mean the whole asakura clan isn’t even diectly bond to hao. haha a scene with hao talking with his child would be so awsome XD maybe he could even have like an anna-like daughter it would be soooooo cool 😀

  10. thanks so much for the info, guys : )

  11. wish to see Anna again hahaha and to see her this time with a disciple and wishes to see Yoh cry again haha

  12. 80-90 pages of Flowers? Jump Kai basically lives because of Takei no? hahaha

  13. I am so freakin’ exited i come on patch café 3 – 4 times a day just waiting for something. but then i see the count down and it says 3 weeks… gaaaaaaah need shaman king OçO

    1. *well might as well go on mankin trad like I always do getting my hopes up*… GAAAAAAAAAAAHH CHAPTER 2 IS OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku thnku thanku thanku thanku :3

  14. Suggestion. can you add date of last update on the title or somewhere on opening page

    1. I second this :T

    2. Well, I had to make the update before I went into work yesterday. So… at least the update was there and I moved it to the top of the home page.

      I also don’t want to include too many spoilers unless you jump into topic.

  15. How do I get my hands on one of those bus ads?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. go to japan and steal it??? (if so get one for me too, and for all the mankin team, they deserve it)

      1. I second the poster stealing plan :3

        1. My GOD! is that ever tempting

  16. evil amidamaru uh

    prediction. bad guy is ancestor of hana from 2500

    1. This is my original character Imadamaro. He too born in Mayji area but he not have mosuke to depend so become evil and haet human. His swords skills is greatest in history and use sword 10x better than spring rain called winter pain cuz he haet human. When died his rayroku was 100 billion able to beat hao without a shaman.

      ImadImaro copyright me please do not steal or I will sue you!!!

      1. A+

  17. Wah They must have some money and/or are very confident that the series will take off easly. Let us hope so.
    But somewat interesting I found, and you probably know about it, but I don’t understand japanese at all and I woul like you to confirm it. On blog you also mentioned on patch cafe I found this: Could this be the tankoubon of Zero?

    1. Yes, it is 🙂 and it will be released on May 10!


  18. ok. It’s enough. I’m excited already xD
    hahaha they also did a commercial!!! hahahaha ♥

  19. I don’t know if its because I have a thing for dark skinned girls with blond hair or something… But I’m starting to think that Anna/Annna is by far one of the most beautiful girls of the Shaman King universe or characters xD

    1. Thank you for the news piece. Added to the main article!

      1. No pbl^^
        But for read page yahoo count is need and its need to dwl yahoo viewer.

  20. Three little things:

    1) That was the worst commercial ever!! They dedicated a lot of seconds to the others mangas but only three or four to Shaman King Flowers!! They kill me! 🙁

    2) The other Anna/Annna was most interesting than the new one. She used to be more evil, Anna’s school and all that, but now she look cute. I want Hanna cries like her father! I want painnnnn~ (?)

    3) OMG PLEASE! I cant wait anymore! I want my copy! Im gonna stop breath (?

    1. manga commercial is usually only last 5-10 second and bundle with other commercial. you dont really expect for them to have 1 minute PV for a manga

  21. I must be the dumbest of all the people : ( I installed it but can’t see anything yet.

    My bad.
    Thanks for the info, Andy

    1. Pero pudiste instalarlo siguiendo los pasos que salen en la pagina? porque yo lo bajé y cuando le doy a instalar me salen un monton de “????????” y sólo puedo presionar ‘ok’, y después no pasa nada :/

      1. si lo instalé : ( Pero no pasa nada.
        Da lo mismo en verdad, tengo un poco de mala fama con estas cosas y la tecnología asi que era poco probable que me funcionase hahaha

        Graciaaaas ansjanmsakmsak ! Y a ti te funcionó? Pues entonces soy yo el problema xD

        1. Nop, el problema es el sistema (?.
          A esperar supongo entonces :/

            • Dit on April 8, 2012 at 10:15 pm

            Como el programa estaba dando problemas y a mí me funcionaba bien colgué las imágenes en el post para que todos pudieran verlas sin demora 😛

  22. Deja vu much xDD

  23. *logs in to patch café” so has anyone commented here… “sees 45 coments for subject” woooooh what hapened , did someone blew up? *click, sees manga-news commaent* GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH NEED TO SEE NEED TO SEE there is no emoticone that can repsent the stars in my eyes and the driping of my mouth

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3
    i can't read it but i love it °w° <3 it's not like shaman king but i'll embrace it daaaah
    at first i thought the white banana guy was like an older version of ryu and i was like noooo he couldn't have aged that bad and he was fine in hana's epoch. but then jezzy said it was dr docult younger……. first i didn't even remember ho is dr doccult because i haven't read jumbor since…. hum well the very begining of the story so i actualy remembered the dr to be named dunstan like in ultimo '_' so i guess i would have to go and read it now..
    docult being in the first chapter of flowers and jumbor being all over the zero serie scares me…. and on the double color page it says "takei's world is expending"…. will the evil guy in flower be like the first jumbor??
    when is jumbor timeline? could he cross the two worlds??? i said i would embrace it but i'm a little anxious now…
    i want to buy this…..

    1. OMG, the young Docult thing was a joke lol don’t take it seriously

      1. … I feel so dumb
        please feel free two slap me

  24. Gracias Dit por colgarlas!! Había perdido toda esperanza! <3

    Alerta de explosión de emoción por el comercial en 3..2..1 !!

  25. The Chinese translated version is already posted online (fast fast fast) but I still have a pretty basic chinese so I didn’t understand much, just a thing or two.
    I’m just crazy worried about the grave Ryu broke and Hana was so pissed about… I have a friend who keeps teasing me about Yoh and Anna being dead during FLOWERS so I’m crazy worried it was their grave or something like that.
    Also, loved to see Ryu again <3 still the same sweetheart as always…. Tamao can go die in a ditch for all I care.

    This needs to be translated SOON, I can't wait, I feel like I'm dyinnnggggggg.

    1. Don’t worry honey, that’s just Amidamaru’s grave! 😉
      The chapter was pretty badass, in my opinion! And yeah, Takei’s really making me hate adult Tamao with all my might.

        me confundió horrible el hecho de que la lápida estaba entera, no rota a la mitad como cuando Ryu la rompió con todo su badassness.

      2. Yo no ENTIENDO porque DIANTRES takei ama tanto jugar con esa mujer!!

        que en verdad me hierve la sangre!!aksmadmaks

    2. It’s online already? where? where? where?

      1. HERE! All 40 pages are there scanned, but it’s all in Chinese.

        Mod note: We are not linking to any outside scans whatsoever except in the special case above. Link has been removed.

        1. yay! I found it online ))

          so… if I understand it correctly that glasses boy is actually the other Asakura? those two characters (which we thought were two) is actually the same person?

    3. Welp, I can’t scan what isn’t in my hands. Tell the postal service to hurry up. EMS is too slow.

      1. I wasn’t demanding you guys to translate, I was trying to say I’m really looking foward being able to read this.

  26. i wondering if One-shot Flower still cannon. probably we will see similar chapter around next 5-10 released

    1. It’s probably not. But I’m sure Takei will take concepts from that when writing the rest of Shaman King Flowers.

  27. Shaman King Zero manga book will be released on May 10… will it be May 10 in the morning or will it be released later of the day? Thanks ^^

    1. You can buy new volumes as soon as the bookstores open on the release date, which is usually around 10am.

  28. I…I don’t quite know Neji or Hinata… What it’s about this main/branch family issue? Sorry for asking a “noob” question ^^;

    1. “Main” branches of families are the central members. They are treated like royalty in a sense, given all the advantages that the clan has to offer. The other branch, despite being blood-related, serve the main branch as slaves and bodyguards. They cannot rule the clan and any children they produce are immediately ineligible to become heirs. There is often a method (read: curse) of controlling the lesser members to prevent a rebellion. Often, when there are two sons (in stories they’re usually twins), the elder one will be in the main branch, and the younger one will be doomed to the lesser branch.

      Naruto ep 61 has Neji’s backstory about 12min in if you care to watch. Might fill in some gaps.

      1. Oh thanks for the information, that sure makes more sense now.. I was sort of understanding something like Tamao’s situation, as being “adopted” by the family or something like, which was making me confused.

        I will check the episode! Thanks for the note on which Ep Number as well! 🙂

  29. This…was an anime episode. Well, if I know my Shaman King, there are three distinct possibilities:

    A) There is no bad blood between families, Yohane and Luka are just completely misinterpreting whatever unsaid feelings are present.

    B) Their parents are taking whatever minor (possibly imagined) offense from the main family out on them.

    C) There ARE legitimate grievances between the families but there’s a “good” reason for it.

    either way Hana will defeat them and give a flowery speech that kinda sounds deep*, erasing all negative feelings and gaining him two loyal and willing lapdogs.

    Also, Hana will get into trouble if it’s found he’s a shaman…could there be some fallout from Hao attacking those ships?

    *(If it’s C then the speech will be delivered by a third party that conveniently appears once the fight is over.)

    1. Yup, sounds like ep 46 to me.

  30. what name of Yohane OS BTW?

    1. I double that. Dit, can you lend us a hand?

    2. Tsukuyomi, which is the Shinto moon God ^^

  31. Before commenting, I’d only like to ask is this whole SK Flowers ZERO Story included in Jump Kai happened to be in fact, Hana Epoch a.k.a. Flowers ch 1?
    To merit of case. I couldn’t expect better chapter, and I really mean it. As I was talking to my friends about SK revival, I called 10th of april The World’s End, as I feared the story itself would be dull and, in worst case, destroy what the original series bought to us. My phase was also: “I’ll be reading it, puking and then, reading again.”, coz Takei is my favourite artist, and SK changed my way of living and even if the story would be stoopid I will learn how to love it the same way I loved 1st series. I like how Takei(probably) changed the character Hana is sporting-not so emo and not so spoiled. I hope he will keep this up. Also my fondness towards Annna, or Anna the 3rd or w/e is rising, coz she seems to have less than anything besides Anna-like look in common to Anna the 2nd-which is the only character I really hate. AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT IT. Plz Takei, give is this etno girl in 2nd chapter.
    Really, I hope this story will pack a punch into market’s face, entertain us and give us daaamed anime. Thank you SK for 8 years of awsomeness.

    1. Yes, the “SK Flowers Zero Story” was just Hana’s Epoch from Mentalite, and isn’t considered part of the true Flowers timeline.

      Takei rewrote it to be so much better.

    2. Yup, the extra chapter is only the old oneshot :/
      Which, if you aks me, isn’t canon anymore (?)

  32. So, we can forget about Men for now?
    xD this is weird. but then why would he publish that one shot again?

    hahaha I don’t get this man, seriously xD I think he’s laughing now, somewhere… somewhere…

    1. I think he released the oneshot to see whether a time leap was a good idea, and whether people wanted a sequel or not.
      Most of the fans were happy about it and the Remix volumes sold very well, so I think he took advantage of it to turn his idea into a serialized series ^^

  33. this is more like original mankin, art is amzing <3
    so this yohane will be hanna's first enemy like ren was,

    ………… Maybe it's like part of the asakura weren't against hao? and so they would be more eligible to be the main branch? could that be?or maybe we will actualy get to see the son/daughter of hao who has tons of resentment againts the asakura heir because they betrayed his/her dad <3 <3 going too far as always 😀 it''s funny because i never get it right
    Ok i'm gonna say it, If there really was another branch why the hell were'nt they involved in the SF? it's a little cheap… but oh well he had to find something to start with XD

    May i also ask what is the name of Yohane's spirit? and the flowers zero story is rewritten like the kanzenban edition with minor changes in the drawings or like an actual change?

  34. All I wanna know is how Men fits into all of this! : D

    1. xD

    2. LOL

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