Nov 09 2011

SPOILERS if you haven’t read the announcement below

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Nov 09 2011

Last minute news!!!!!

Remember the color page with the important announcement?
Well, since it’s just midnight in Japan right now today’s already the release date of Jump Kai 5…
And of course, some people have already bought it!

Tomorrow morning I’m getting my own copy, so expect tons of new info on SKN as soon as I talk to Andy!

Well… let’s go…. The news is that…!

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Nov 09 2011

Anna wallpaper!

Just a quick post ^^

The Mankin Jump Kai webpage’s been updated and now you can download the pic from the Revoir song in many different wallpaper sizes. This is the biggest one, but if it doesn’t fit your computer just go to and try the others!

The reason they’ve done this is… that the video has already reached a million views!!! Awesome!

(Click the image to see it in awesome HQ ;D)

Nov 09 2011

New webpage!

So… they’ve updated the Mankin Jump Kai webpage with new information and an awesome news!

Check it here!
Source: Shaman King Mixi

Don’t you think the poster is just gorgeous?
I love it so much that I could wallpaper my room with it. Seriously.

Now…. for the news!
As you can see there’s a Youtube link down there. Yeah, it’s the Revoir song!!
It is now confirmed that the woman singing is Megumi Hayashibara and that Takei drew the pic.
(Well, we already knew that, but now it’s 100% official!)

I may be writing a post about the story of this video soon, because I think it’s worth knowing how this started 🙂
So look forward to that, since there are no more Mixi posts left to translate for the moment!

And now, this is the whole translation for the commentary next to the video! Enjoy it~

About the video “[Anna Kyoyama] I tried to sing Osorezan Revoir [Mankin’s revival]”

This video was uploaded to Niconico Douga on October 21st 2011. When Shaman King’s revival was announced, its creator Hiroyuki Takei personally requested this to Megumi Hayashibara telling her “I’d like to repay my fans for everything”. Once he got her permission, they asked the original composer as well before starting recording it. It is a great honor for us, the “Jump Kai” staff, to post here this video that proves how deep Takei and Hayashibara’s friendship is, as well as how much they love the fans of “Shaman King” for being so enthusiastic.

Nov 08 2011

Some clean Pre-SKZ images

So up on mostly the main site, they’ve added some new images. But… if you poke around, you’ll notice that they are pretty decent quality. Like good enough for our image rotator and header at the top of this page (fancy!). So, I’ve re-uploaded them here for you to download, if you want. Click for a larger version.

Nov 08 2011

Random Predictions! (Jump Kai 5)

Sometimes I like making random predictions. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. I at least don’t think I’m too far off base most of the time. So, now’s one of those times I’ll make a “baseless prediction.” (It’s baseless, since I can’t say, “I know it’s going to happen because…,” but I do have some idea on what’s happening, so who knows, it’s a shot in the dark)

So my prediction? A new Shaman King OVA will be announced and will be released next month for Jump Festa. This “OVA” might only be a preview of an actual TV series coming this Spring. Jump Festa is early next month.

Just saying…. maybe very soon we’ll know if I’m right or not!


Nov 08 2011

More Mixi!

Source: Shaman King Mixi

Nov 07 2011

Jump Kai Cover!

New update 😀 This time we get to see the cover art for Jump Kai 5!
Do you like it? Or do you prefer the normal Yoh?










(Click on the image to see the full version!)

Source: Shaman King Mixi


Nov 07 2011

Color page!

This one was short, but still interesting!

Source: Shaman King Mixi

Nov 06 2011

Funbari Onsen Mixes!

Also, since the ad was a little so damn small… here you have a bigger version of the packages! (Click on the image to see the full version!)

Source: Shaman King Mixi