Nov 05 2011


Since Andy and Dit have done their first posts, I suppose I should join in.

In case you didn’t know, I’m Jezzy, and I’ve been a Takei fan for about 8 or 9 years now. My first chapter of Shaman King, which I read in Shonen Jump USA, was chapter 6, where Ren first appeared; ironic considering he’s my favorite character to the point of obsession nowadays.

I’m a major importer of Shaman King related swag, which I’ll be posting about every now and then to let you see some of the crazy stuff that’s come out for the series. I will also present a guide on importing so that you too can own Takei’s series and support the troll creator we all know and love.

I’m also a writer of Mankin fanfiction, which some people here know me from. I’ll shamelessly plug that every now and then since…I can. I may also point out some historical or interesting details from Takei’s series that I’ve found through research that I’ve done for my writing.

Other things you can expect are some Top 10 lists, rants, and pic spam posts all in the name of fanservice and my own satisfaction. My other hobby is editing music into TV sizes, so I might post those every now and then. I will not be posting scans of unreleased works unless I feel it’s too Taotastic not to show.

That’s that. If you need me, I’ll respond to the Tao Signal.

Nov 05 2011

Mixi Post 2

So here’s the next Mixi post.
The first ones are kind of boring, but they get better as time goes by!




Source: Shaman King Mixi

Nov 05 2011

My first post!

Hi guys, welcome to our blog!
This is Dit, translator of M-T and big fan of Takei.
Well, I think you already know me ^^

I’d like to use this post to start a little project of my own, if you can call it a project haha. As you now -if you follow Shaman King Nation- there’s a new official website covering the news on Shaman King 0. For more details, please check the cool news post Andy wrote 😀

The bad thing is, you need a Mixi account to access to the text and images they post… and since Mixi is like an exclusive Japanese Fcebook, you can’t join it if you’re not Japanese or live in Japan. The good thing is, I do have an account! So everytime they update it, I’ll post the whole translation here so you all can read it and share your thoughts. Like the idea? Well, here’s the first post. I’ll try to catch up soon, since the next update seems to be a pretty important one.

More soon!!
Source: Shaman King Mixi

Nov 05 2011

Here’s a Yoh Wallpaper

While looking at Remix Track 13, I really liked that image of Yoh in it. So, I decided to make a wallpaper for it. The resolution is 1280 x 1024. Why not wide screen? Since I only have standard def monitors, and I made it for my screen. But you are welcome to adapt it for other monitor sizes if you wish (and post them in the comments below!).

Click the image to see the full size~

Enjoy, and look forward to reading that Remix Track. And new wallpaper of Yoh Askaura isn’t a bad way to start of Patch Cafe!  (Thanks to Jezzy for the scan!)

Nov 04 2011

Welcome to Patch Cafe!

Hello to all and welcome!
My name is Andy and this little site here is called “Patch Cafe,” a fan run blog about all of Hiroyuki Takei’s series. That’s Butsu Zone, Shaman King, Jyuki Ningen Jumbor, Ultimo, Jumbor, and everything else. So everything is on the table for discussion. Anime, manga, videogames, TCG, spin-offs, fan projects, random speculation! Anything, and everything.
Now some of you may ask, “Why run a blog? Why not a full website, with forums and such?” The simple answer is, that it’s alot of work. And I’ve done that before (Shaman Online, Shaman King Nation, The Great Spirit). I’m trying for something else. A more of a fan-ranting personal level. And not that ranting as “Gah! Why did he do this!?” but more like “Ok, this is really awesome that he did this.” The world of Shaman King news is covered well already (Shaman King Nation), and filling in the missing holes in the manga in English is covered too (Mankin-Trad). But there isn’t much of a community or place to just kinda “hang-out” and talk about the events that are happening.
Why now? Well, Shaman King Zero is a good start. That’s looking great. And how about Ultimo which is chugging right along? And the latest chapters in Jumbor? It sure isn’t Jyuki Ningen Jumbor anymore! So there is alot to discuss for the future and right now. Plus I’ve been around the Shaman King community a very, very long time. I’ve seen the Shaman King community “back in the day” and stuck with it all this time. So maybe some of you haven’t followed it since it was being released in Weekly Shonen Jump. I’ve got some stories for you to hear as well. So some old, and some new!
The most important part is how updated this blog is. Since having a good shell of a website is no good unless it gets updated. I’m not going to make any promises on how often it will be updated, but, I got alot ot say. If something happens, for the most part, I’ll have an opinion. And you can too! That’s why we have comments. I’m normally pretty up-to-date on the latest news, so if there is something, I’ll post about it. But not only me, but some of our other staff as well. I’m sure they’ll have a “Hey, look at me!” post at some point. So I’ll let them introduce themselves. And who knows who else may come help out posting blog topics in the future. We are keeping an open mind and listening to your feedback. I would like this place to be more of a discussion, rather than standing on a soapbox. I’ll provide my point of view, but feel free to tell me I’m wrong!
So that’s what I have for now. There is more to come very soon. So keep checking, since we’ve got alot to talk about, so pour yourself a cup of coffee, and come sit and chat here at the Patch Cafe.